Cierin(紫凛) パープルゴールドジュエリーの公式通販サイト


Cierin is a brand of purple gold jewelry that was made for graceful women. Cierin jewellery is a great gift to show your love and gratitude. Brightly shining purple gold is an eternal jewelry that make women elegant and graceful.
Brand story
Cierin紫凛is a brand of the purple gold jewelry that could not be found anywhere else.
“凛-rin, ” in Japanese, we symbolize it as beautiful women and women with full of sprit.
Cierin is made for women who challenge the changes today.
“紫-cie, ” in Japanese means purple. Color of purple symbolizes nobility, spirituality, and grace since in a period of Nara in Japan. In the western psychological field it symbolizes a change and healing.
“金(gold), ” symbolizes, wealth, eternity, and trust since a period of ancient Egypt.
Story behind the development
It has been known for four decades that the addition of aluminium to gold could result in purple gold. The initial product, however, had problems with discolouration when expose to sweat. Since then we have collaborated with three universities in the research and development of purple gold.
Throughout the researches we have developed a coating technology that is 7 to 10 times harder and more durable than ones before. Now the purple gold is coated with a very thin clear film, called nano-coating, which prevents discolouration. Because this clear film does not crack or peel, we could finally launch Cierin jewelry collection in the market.
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